Tips & Tricks

In this section you will find tips & tricks that will increase your productivity when creating rotators or banners. If you know something not listed here please let us know so we can post it here for all users to benefit.

Full Size Images

Use full size images to simulate rich backgrounds. This will create very nice effects when the slides change as there are quite some nice effects that can be applied to images - and if the image occupies the entire space then then the effect appears as being the slide transition effect.

Drag & Drop Slides

Quickly change the order in which slides appear
on the front-end by dragging the slides from the
vertical bar at the left labeled drag here in gray text.

Drag & Drop Slide Objects

You can move objects between slides by drag & drop. Hover slide objects and locate the arrow in the top left corner. Move the mouse there and start dragging.

Don't forget to switch the destination slide to Graphics/Content mode first.

Migrate Content from DotNetNuke Module

The Import/Export tab in the Manage Screen does the same thing as the Import and Export module actions. Except the Import/Export tab is much faster when migrating content manually because you can copy data in the clipboard and paste it to the destination Dynamic Rotator module.

Backup & Restore

Use the Import/Export tab to achieve a simple and quick backup system.
It is also a good solutions for keeping rotator settings under source control (SVN, GIT, TFS, etc) by saving exported XML in plain files on disk.