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General Settings

Use settings in general screen to configure everything that is not related to a particular slide, such as the flash control size, if to display slide buttons and so on. This represents the root entity in Dynamic Rotator .NET. Logically, it represents the rotator or banner or gallery as a whole. Note that a rotator can contain any number of objects.

There is inline help for all the setting directly in the manage screen. They are repeated below for quick reference.

Size (width x height)
Determines width and height of the flash rotator in pixels
Fallback ImageSpecify an image to fallback to when javascript is not supported.
Background Color The background color of the control. Leave empty for transparent.
Fade Color When a slide is changing a nice fade effect is playing whose color is determined by this field
Auto Start Select this option if you want the slideshow to start automatically.
Show Play / Pause Controls Use this option to determine if the user is able to control the slideshow
Show Timer Bar The Timer Bar appears above the slide butttons; it's a visual indicator of Slide Duration option
 Random Order This option makes slides appear in different order each time the page is loaded
Show Slide Buttons The Slide Buttons are used by the user to navigate to any slide
Slide Buttons Type This option determines how the slide buttons are rendered (they either are square and display numbers or are round buttons)
Buttons Color Customize color for slide buttons (and play/pause button too)
Buttons Text Color Use this option to determine color for play/pause button and for slide buttons when the Slide Button Type is set to display numbers
Buttons Offset Distance between left and bottom margins and the buttons
Show Top Title Determines if to show the top part with the slide title when the mouse is over a slide button, and allows for UI customizations.

Top Title Background
Top Title Bg Transparency

Top Title Text Color